Painting Penang: Capturing the Diverse Food Scene in Watercolour

Fiery fishy laksas, tantalising tandoori chicken, refreshing ice balls, smokey oyster omelettes: there is no doubt that Penang’s diverse food scene is one of the finest in Southeast Asia. And

Our Top 7 Travel Moments of 2017

2017 has been a bit of a biggy, hasn’t it? I mean, Trump became president of the USA. Britain triggered Article 50. Oh, and most importantly of course, Lauren and

14 things you should know before visiting Myanmar in 2018

Mystical pagodas, older-than-time stupas, fishing villages in shimmering lakes, authentic trekking, warm-hearted locals: there are many reasons why tourists are making up for lost time and travelling to Myanmar as

In Pictures: One of the World’s Most Scenic Train Rides, Ella to Kandy

I’m anxious. Every tourist clad with an SLR and rucksack is edging closer to the platform edge, hoping to give themselves the upper hand when it comes to boarding the

Surf’s up in Hiriketiya – Sri Lanka’s latest surfing Mecca

“You’ve got to go to Hiriketiya, man. The water’s clear blue, the waves are perfect for beginners, and the beach – you’ll love it.” And that was that. Dulip, who

Slumber in Sri Lanka: Hostel Review of We Escape, Weligama

There are many things I like about We Escape in Weligama. The cobalt blue swimming pool surrounded by comfy bean bags. The air-conditioned dorms with miniature staircases to each bunk.

Ramble On: A Walking Guide of Galle, Sri Lanka

I have to say that leaving India and not to mention all its slices of heaven built up a real contrast of emotion. On one hand, I was sad to

7 Slices of Heaven in India

India is a country full of noise, pollution, and stifling heat. Therefore, when you come across a little oasis in the midst of all the madness – whether that’s a

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I’d never heard of Auroville before. Only when I arrived in Pondicherry, or Pondy as it is affectionately known by locals, did I find out about this utopian community dedicated

The Other Side to Madurai

Home to one of the greatest temples in India, Madurai has been luring Hindu pilgrims and intrigued tourists for years. But despite its rich history, many travellers come here to

Going Goa? North vs South

The Mangalore Express rolled into Madgaon Station at 11am. I waded with my rucksack to the door and climbed down to reach the platform. A warm breeze blew into my